One of the most popular connection units in our range, the SS2FTVT is supplied with either a 16A or 32A side socket to IP44. This unit combines a metered connection unit with a separated TV section for the termination of an auxiliary connection.

The polycarbonate reset flap allows the user to safely reset the RCBO protecting the home.

This 18th Edition compliant product allows greater termination room than the standard SS2F connection unit.


Height: 300mm

Depth: 135mm

Width: 220mm

ss2ftvt 16a - 32a
connection units
Hook up

SS2FTVT 16A/32A Metered/TV Connection Unit Key Features

Separate TV Termination Section
Enclosure Rating IP56
Terminals: 2 x 35mm
RCBO: 30mA 2 Pole
Meter : 100A Class MID Approved
Customer Reset Flap : IP56 Four Module
Socket Outlet: 16A or 32A 230V IP44 2 Pin + Eart

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