Contactless payment meters

With the push now for everything to be contactless the prepayment meter by CPES is the perfect solution. It consists of a din rail mounted RFID card meter within our service pedestals and enclosures or is easily retro-fitted into any existing manufacturers enclosures or pedestals to replace outdated paper card meters and is safe, secure and MID Approved.


Used in conjunction with CPES’s Alpha software, this makes a simple yet versatile way of taking payment for electricity prior to consumption.


With Alpha RFID, an authorised card is simply held over the card reader embedded into the meter housing to activate.


Outstanding credit can be transferred back to the card by the reverse process and read on the software again.


The meter offers a host of other features including multiple tariff options, low credit alarm and an emergency credit facility.


Software: Alpha software to build your database and record customer account information and payments / credits.

RFID Reader & Cards: The reader connects to your computer terminal and credit can be loaded onto a reusable card. The card can be read at any time to view an outstanding balance or to ‘top-up’ with further credit.

RFID Meters: Credit is transferred to the meter from the card and any remaining balance can be transferred back to the same card.