1250A Form 2 Mains Panel with cloud - based energy monitoring system

Yet another bespoke Form 2 mainspanel designed, manufactured and installed by CPES Ltd. Fitted with a 1250A incoming air circuit breaker and Type 1 and 2 Surge Protection Devices (SPD’s). SPD’s offer protection to the electrical infrastructure of the park against a direct or indirect lighting strike.

The panel was fitted with 12 outgoing circuits all fitted with 4 pole MCCB’s incorporating earth leakage ranging from 100A to300A per circuit. All circuits including the incoming supply have MID Approved multifunction panel meters fitted allowing for monitoring oVoltage/current/KWH/Power factor. This data is collected 24/7 and sent back to the cloud allowing it to be analysed and viewed at any point from anywhere in the world. Over time this build-up of data will allow CPES and the customer to see where spare power maybe available for future developments or for the addition of EV charging points.