A Mid Approved metered twin connection unit with 2 x 16Amp sockets outlets. Supplied complete with 30mAmp 2 Pole RCBO’s rated at a maximum 16Amp.

All fitted with a reset flap and a 100Amp 2 Pole Isolator. Can be supplied with 6Amp, 10Amp or 16Amp overload protection depending on your requirements.

As standard, these units are fitted with IP44 2P+E angled sockets within our standard CPE enclosure. CPE fit 35mm terminals for incoming cable along with a brass gland plate drilled to suit your incoming cable .

Can be fitted to a galvanised mounting stake , wall mounted or to your existing post.


Height: 380mm

Depth: 300mm

Width: 120mm


TT2FM Metered Connection Unit Key Features

MID Approved Meter
Enclosure Rating IP56
Terminals: 2 x 35mm
RCBO's 30mAmp 2 Pole
Up to 2 Socket Outlets: 16Amp 230V IP44 2 Pin + Earth
Customer Reset Flaps: IP65

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